Bucks & Hens Parties

Bucks & Hens Parties

Having been to a few ourselves, we cater to a wide variety of Bucks & Hens parties, including a few we’ve crafted for you:

  • The “Hole-in-One” 
  • The “Stay out of Trouble”
  • The “Yeah-Nah we Just Need a Bus”
  • The “We Love ’em, But we Wanna Shoot ’em”
  • The “We Provide the Idea, You Provide the Beer”
  • The “This is Sparta”

Our 4WD Cape York tour-truck carries up to 17 passengers and is the perfect size for the job.  Packed with a great sound system, plenty of space, an esky and a young driver, this is the perfect pick for any Cairns Bucks Party.

$330/day for bus hire with driver, no extra costs!

Complete Party Packages – Please contact us for more details and a quote.

More details coming soon…