Photography Tours & Lessons

Rossy has been taking photos as a way of documenting his outdoor adventures since he was a kid over 20 years ago!  Now he is an experienced photographer and videographer, shooting with a professional full-frame Nikon DSLR, professional quality lenses and a backup camera body. He also shoots with a 4K drone and a professional 4K video camera and is skilled in creative video editing. He believes photography is a great way to get people outdoors and finding critters they never thought existed!

Photography Lessons

Are you buying a camera soon?  Do you always wonder why your photos don’t look like the photos online?  Or would you just LOVE to know how to take better photos!?

We looove helping people and love photography and would be stoked to show you the ins and outs of it! We offer photography tutoring to help you grasp the fundementals of photography FAST and capture those special moments easily! You will learn 20x quicker this way than in an over-priced online course! This would be the perfect little add-on to that camera gift or a stand-alone gift even!

We will teach you how to compose a photo, shoot manually, understand the fundamental exposure triangle and can teach you any style of shooting including nature, macro, sport, portrait and more!

lady and man with wallaby in between

Photography Tours

A great way to get outdoors and see animals you’ve never seen before AND learn how to photograph at the same time!  These tours are run once a month with one session during the day, and one night session for spotlighting. 

Our tour truck can take up to 15 people and we visit several locations with a variety of photography:

  • Landscapes
  • Animals
  • People & portraits
  • Infrastructure

The full-day photography tours begin at 6am to make the most of the morning light and run until late afternoon.

Past Client Testimonials

What I loved the most about this Full Day Educational Photographic Tour was not just the learning, But the passion behind the photograph, the consideration for our environment, the respect for the animals and our surroundings, all things that rated highly in the learning throughout the whole day!
The Rossy Brothers sure know how to entertain while being educational, If you can’t smile and hate to laugh i suggest you find another tour!

Kylie M.
Keen Photographer

Highly recommended!!! He’s a very nice guy. He made me understand how my camera works within an hour. Very personalised and very professional also easy going. Try it, you won’t be disappointed.

Gabi S.
Budding Photographer

Brian took some portrait pictures of me for my new business. He was very nice as a person and very professional, straight away I felt very comfortable with him and the pictures was exactly what I was looking for. I’m happy 🙂

Catarina M.
Photographer & Home Manager

Photography Portfolio

Feel free to browse and enjoy our Instagram portfolio below or our photography portfolio here 🙂

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