Youth Camps

What was once our other business we have now incorporated into Cockatours as ‘Step Outside’ programs.  These programs help us fulfill our dream of giving back and paying it forward.  Our dream is to help others grow, promote adventure, show people new experiences and encourage people to step outside, away from technology and into the outdoors.  It is here we believe massive growth and healing occur!

Motivational speaking in schools and driving today’s youth towards success and leadership is our dream! One of this year’s topics is called ‘Achieve with Adventure’!

We love camping and the outdoors, so we run leadership camps in the outdoors to challenge and help our young leaders grow!

We love photography and we love how it goes hand-in-hand with the outdoors!  Discover rare animals and plants whilst learning about them and how to properly photograph!

Our aim of the FREE Community Give-Back Program is to share our love and passion for the wilderness with everyone, especially those that can’t access it readily and likely need it the most. We believe that everyone will benefit in some way from spending time in the wilderness!