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My Pathway review after Rossy spoke in March, 2020.

Based in Cairns, Australia, Rossy is a local motivational speaker and youth development camp coordinator.  Step Outside Industries offers speeches and forums with impact, based on real-life experiences and not sourced from online courses.  We promote self-confidence, respect, adventure and thinking out of the box. After speaking, we offer to stay around to interact with students and answer questions, as this is where we believe the real value is. 

We also offer 3-4 day development camps in the Australian outback to help develop future leaders and at risk youth.  These camps take future leaders, at risk youth and other students into the outback, away from technology, to grow the student’s confidence and leadership skills and to teach some unique bush skills only attainable when immersed in the wilderness.

Key speaking topics include:

  • Adventure: How to find it & the balance with modern day life
  • The importance of goal setting & growth mindset
  • Stepping outside your comfort zone & achieving your potential
  • Resilience, bullying & social life
  • Thinking outside the box
  • Taking control of your own destiny & what you believe in
  • Understanding fear & how to use it
  • Respect, empathy and context
  • Custom requests

Pricing & Booking: you can choose from several set speeches, or request a custom topic.  We offer time to answer questions or speak with students after speaking to provide face to face engagement.  Please contact us for pricing.


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