Youth Camps

Our dream is to help others grow and live a positive, balanced life.  We promote adventure and the outdoors and love introducing people to new experiences.

We encourage people to step outside, away from technology and into the outdoors.  It is here we believe massive growth and healing occur!

chairs around a campfire

Youth Development Camps

We love camping and the outdoors, so we run leadership camps in the outdoors to challenge and help our young leaders grow!

man speaking in crowd

Motivational Speaking

Motivational speaking in schools and driving today’s youth towards success and leadership is our dream! This year’s focus is ‘Achieve with Adventure’!

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Step Outside Industries is the company name of Cockatours.  It was also our earlier business, before Cockatours grew, and we incorporated it into Cockatours.  Step Outside is now one of our major themes, in both the tour and youth aspects of the business. 

Be Great, Step Outside Mate!

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