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aerial photo of cape york river

How Long to Do Cape York?

How long should we take to do Cape York? Once a potential client asked me if he could do the Cape with me in 5 days and for $500.  I’ll...
Cape York Guides at the tip

When Will Cape York Open in 2020 After Covid Restrictions Ease?

Coronavirus has uprooted holiday plans for thousands of adventurers wanting to travel to Cape York in 2020.  On June 1st, travel restrictions across Queensland have been lifted and intrastate travel...
Cape York road with washout and water running across.

All Your Cape York Questions Answered!

All Your Cape York Questions Answered! It can be a tough gig planning a Cape York trip, especially when there is so much information out there you don’t know what...
camp gear laid out in yard

Best Camping Gear 2020

The Best Camping Gear to Have in 2020 Finding the best camping gear often involves a one-hour search of reviews online and multiple trips to local stores.  Here, we break...
Croc sunbaking image with titles

Live Ecology Talk: Episode 4 – Ecology Research From Around the World, Pt 1 – Crocs

Live Ecology Talks Episode 4: Ecology Research From Around the World, Part 1 – Crocs Here we look into the first of 3 big ecology research projects from around the...
Title image of fishtank for experiment

Live Ecology Talk: Episode 3 – Experiments

Live Ecology Talks Episode 3: Experiments How do you design an experiment to test your ideas!? We look at what an experiment is, how to design one and what you...
two men lifting sea turtle with text headings

Live Ecology Talk: Episode 2 – Sea Turtles

Live Ecology Talks Episode 2: Sea Turtles Sea turtles are an incredibly majestic animal that we seldom get to observe due to the different world they live in. Today we...
Blue Tongue Lizard with text headings

Live Ecology Talks: Episode 1 – Observations

Live Ecology Talks Episode 1: Observations Today we introduce an incredibly valuable skill for an ecologist, and in life in general; observation. We walk through our backyard in Cairns, Australia...
best books to read isolation covid

Best Books to Read During Isolation

Best Books to Read During Isolation My top 6 best books to read during isolation. I can’t recommend these books enough!  Here’s the breakdown: The Last Crocodile Hunter – Amanda...
People bush camping by river

Kimberley & Gulf Savannah Tour Testers Needed!

Kimberley & Gulf Savannah Tours 2020 We need tour-testers and the prices are worth it! Next year, in 2020, we are running our FIRST Kimberley (Broome to Darwin) and Gulf...
Firefighters fighting a blaze

Australia’s Bushfires: The Wake-up Call Australia & the World Needed

Australia’s Bushfires The Wake-up Call Australia & the World Needed Note: there is an about author section about the bottom of the page.  Cover image: DFES. It’s Scott Morrison’s fault. ...
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