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Aerial view of the Peninsula Development Road, Cape York.

When Will the Road to the Tip of Cape York be Sealed: Finally Explained!

Will the road to the tip of Cape York be sealed by 2020? Well, I thought I would clear up a little confusion about this as I’ve seen quite a...
comparison of four lagoons

Video Time-Lapse Series: How does season affect waterholes in Cape York?

The Condition of Lagoons in Cape York Over 2 Years Quite often, people ask me what Cape York is like at certain times of the year: wet, dry, cold, hot? ...
black and white snake with tongue out

Cockatours Finds the New Species of Venomous Snake in Australia!

A New Species of Venomous Snake Discovered! Australia has a reptuation for having some of the most lethal, venomous, sharp-teethed, bitey, stingy animals on the planet!  And Cockatours has found...
Cape York road with washout and water running across.

All Your Cape York Questions Answered in One Place!

All Your Cape York Questions Answered in One Place! It can be a tough gig planning a Cape York trip, especially when there is so much information out there you...
Collage of people at camp cooking.

10 Handy Bush Camping Tips and Tricks Suggested by Experienced Grey Nomad Travellers

  10 Handy Bush Camping Tips and Tricks from Grey Nomad Travellers Camping can get a little tough at times when things don’t go your way, though, lucky for me...
Lady on husbands shoulders at tip of Australia.

5 Must See Cape York Destinations that Fall Under the Radar by Cockatours

  Top 5 Cape York Destinations that fall under the radar The last thing anyone wants to experience after a bush camping 4WD adventure is to arrive home and find...

Video; Cape York 2016

Here’s a short clip to showcase what our Cape York Adventures & Tours are all about. This video was created in 2016. We offer 14 day Tours where we camp, fish,...