October 21, 2022
Croc sunbaking image with titles
Live Ecology Talks Episode 4: Ecology Research From Around the World, Part 1 – Crocs Here we look into the first of 3 big ecology research projects from around the globe and break them down for you. We look at why they chose to conduct the research, what they hoped to find, and what they...
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bandy-bandy snake with tongue out
A New Species of Venomous Snake Discovered: The Bandy-Bandy! Australia has a reptuation for having some of the most lethal, venomous, sharp-teethed, bitey, stingy animals on the planet!  And Cockatours has found a specimen of the the most recently discovered species in Australia, once more confirming that reputation!  A new species of venomous snake called...
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comparison of four lagoons
The Condition of Lagoons in Cape York Over 2 Years Quite often, people ask me what Cape York is like at certain times of the year: wet, dry, cold, hot?  Before taking on Cockatours, I worked as an ecologist in central Cape York for 5 years and we monitored everything from feral pigs and sea...
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