Cape York Guides at the tip
Coronavirus has uprooted holiday plans for thousands of adventurers wanting to travel to Cape York in 2020.  On June 1st, travel restrictions across Queensland have been lifted and intrastate travel is now mostly permitted.  Except, for Cape York, Yarrabah, Doomadgee and some other remote communities.  Social media and news networks are on fire today with...
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Title image of fishtank for experiment
Live Ecology Talks Episode 3: Experiments How do you design an experiment to test your ideas!? We look at what an experiment is, how to design one and what you need to know before you start. We break down the word hypothesis and theory (in science there is fact, hypothesis, theory and law). Today we...
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Blue Tongue Lizard with text headings
Live Ecology Talks Episode 1: Observations Today we introduce an incredibly valuable skill for an ecologist, and in life in general; observation. We walk through our backyard in Cairns, Australia and find several animals, plants and fungi to talk about. To wrap up, we show you 2 snakes and provide a little research task as...
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best books to read isolation covid
Best Books to Read During Isolation My top 6 best books to read during isolation. I can’t recommend these books enough!  Here’s the breakdown: The Last Crocodile Hunter – Amanda French (& Bob Irwin) ($19 AUD) Possibly the BEST book I’ve read this DECADE. Had me in tears several times and Amanda takes us behind...
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People bush camping by river
Kimberley & Gulf Savannah Tours 2020 We need tour-testers and the prices are worth it! Next year, in 2020, we are running our FIRST Kimberley (Broome to Darwin) and Gulf Savannah (Darwin to Cairns) tours!  How can you help?  We need some absolute legends to come and test this tour with us, and the prices...
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Firefighters fighting a blaze
Australia’s Bushfires The Wake-up Call Australia & the World Needed Note: there is an about author section about the bottom of the page.  Cover image: DFES. It’s Scott Morrison’s fault.  It only happened because the Greens didn’t allow reduction burns.  It’s because we aren’t implementing Traditional burning regimes.  The Government did nothing.  The Rural Fire...
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Collage of people at camp cooking.
  10 Handy Bush Camping Tips and Tricks from Grey Nomad Travellers Camping can get a little tough at times when things don’t go your way, though, lucky for me I have had my share of off-road adventures with experienced Grey Nomads who have been doing this for years. And I must say, the tips...
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Lady on husbands shoulders at tip of Australia.
Top 5 Cape York Destinations that fall under the radar The last thing anyone wants to hear after a 4WD bush-camping adventure is about all the places they have missed. What makes it even worse, is that it will be a year until you can make the trip again!  Cape York Peninsula is one of...
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