Best Books to Read During Isolation

Best Books to Read During Isolation

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My top 6 best books to read during isolation. I can’t recommend these books enough!  Here’s the breakdown:

  1. The Last Crocodile Hunter – Amanda French (& Bob Irwin) ($19 AUD)
    Possibly the BEST book I’ve read this DECADE. Had me in tears several times and Amanda takes us behind the scenes into what Steve and Bob’s life were really like. If you’re Australian, you MUST read this!
  2. Guns, Germs & Steel – Jared Diamond ($33 AUD)
    A book that attempts to answer a question I’ve wondered for a long time, and especially since becoming a guide…why did different civilizations evolve at different speeds on different continents?  Goes into stone/bronze age, the impacts of steel, gunpowder and disease on civilizations around the globe.
  3. Last Child in the Woods – Richard Louv ($20 AUD)
    Something I touch on when I speak in schools, is the slowly decreasing lack of connectivity we have to nature.  Touches on why things have changed and what people are doing to ensure we (and our children) are getting outside enough.
  4. Shooting in the Wild – Chris Palmer ($Various)
    A PHENOMENAL book and one that explains a very important concept in wildlife documentaries!  It goes behind the scenes and looks at how documentaries are made and how the morals and ethics of film making can impact wildlife.
  5. I Dare You – William H. Danforth ($10 AUD)
    THE most impacting book I’ve read in my life.  It’s small, you’ll consume it within a day.  This book has a hilarious story behind how I got it – in short, it found me, and I’m glad it did!
  6. The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success – Deepak Chopra ($17 AUD)
    Alright, let’s get spiritual.  Not!  This book is SO well written anyone could read it.  It’s a small, compact version of the bigger book, but sums it up perfectly.  I buy this book by the dozen and give it to friends when I get that feeling.

*Where possible, and safe to do so, support your local businesses and buy these books from your local bookshop!

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