How Long to Do Cape York?

How long should we take to do Cape York?

Once a potential client asked me if he could do the Cape with me in 5 days and for $500.  I’ll leave it to your creativity to imagine how that went!  Cape York is an absolutely breathtaking place in Australia.  It was once our last frontier and has some exceptional historical values, as well as amazing culture and incredible natural values as well!  To rush Cape York would do it no justice.  I recently visited the NT and was surprised by bitumen running through Litchfield and Kakadu National Parks.  Cape York feels so much more wild, and deserves your time!

My Recommendation for Duration of Cape York Holidays

Minimum, 2 weeks (from Cairns).  I’ll elaborate now…

You can do it in 7 days, if you’re a local, and you just want to say you’ve done it.  It will be fast, and I guarantee something will break.  You’ll also be lucky to make it in that time with the repairs you’ll need time to make. 

10 days is getting closer, but it will feel rushed. 

On our tours (see right), we do the Cape in 15-days and do it at a decent pace.  We do plenty of outsourced tours, travel a little bit throughout the day, but spend a healthy amount of time relaxing as well. 

If you’re really wanting to relax, 3 weeks would be great.  This would be a nice, slow paced Cape York trip!  But, if you only have 2 weeks to do it in (from Cairns), that’s great!  An added bonus of going slower is you’ll probably damage your vehicle less!  I advise people to budget on average $3,000 in repairs per vehicle!  The slower you go, the less damage you’ll cause and the more money you’ll save!

See our Cape York Itinerary on this page for an idea on how many nights we spend at certain locations and for other great Cape York travel ideas!

cape york red road

Cape York: It’s worth the time! The slower you go, the more you’ll see and the less you’ll break!

truck driving through plains on cape york tour

Bus tours are affordable ways of seeing places on a guided tour, depending on your accommodation needs.

Handy Article: All Your Cape York Questions Answered!

This article here should answer most of your questions:

>> All Your Cape York Questions Answered! <<<

For a taste of what is included in a 15-day Cape York tour, or for inspiration, check out our itinerary by clicking the image below.

itinerary for cape york tour

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