Live Ecology Talk: Episode 2 – Sea Turtles

Live Ecology Talks
Episode 2: Sea Turtles

Sea turtles are an incredibly majestic animal that we seldom get to observe due to the different world they live in. Today we explore some of the research conducted in Cape York, Australia, primarily on the Olive Ridley and Flatback turtles, but also including the Hawksbill. We delve into their habits, how they breed, feed and lay their eggs. We look at how researchers study them and the threats they face. This is suitable for both children and adults and is a great option for homeschooling! We will be holding these live ecology talks every Monday and Thursday at 10am AEST via the Cockatours Facebook page and YouTube.

This session is broken down into:
00:00 – Intro: Turtles
05:06 – Turtle Study Area
09:54 – Turtles Species & Facts
21:30 – How Turtles Nest
38:00 – Threats to Hawksbills
40:43 – Tagging & Satellite Tracking
44:40 – Track & Nest Identification
1:02:05 – Natal Homing
1:03:05 – Nest Digs
1:06:05 – Nest Predation & Protection
1:11:11 – Turtle Skull & Raine Island Videos


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